Meet the Doctors

Headshot of Dr Joshua Roling

Joshua D Roling, D.C.

Dr. Joshua Roling became interested in Chiropractic after suffering a sports injury at a young age. Following the injury he struggled with back pain for almost a year. He finally found relief after receiving treatment and advice from a local chiropractor.

He attended the University of Missouri where he was awarded a Bachelors of Health Sciences degree. He went on to obtain his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Cleveland University right here in Overland Park. When he’s not working with patients Dr. Josh loves playing tennis and spending time training his chocolate lab, Hudson.

Jonathan L Roling, D.C.

Dr. Jonathan discovered Chiropractic after having problems with a high school baseball injury. The pain began limiting him beyond sports and was effecting his work and social life. After multiple doctor visits, two unsuccessful anti-inflammatory trials, and months of off time, he decided to go in for a surgical consultation. This is when Dr. Jonathan’s brother Josh recommended Chiropractic as a safer alternative before undergoing surgery. Dr. Jonathan agreed and quickly saw great results. It was then that he decided he wanted to be more than a chiropractic patient, he wanted to help others in the way he had been helped. As soon as Dr. Jonathan graduated high school he enrolled at the University of Missouri where he was awarded a Bachelors degree in Health Sciences. He went on to attend Cleveland University in Overland Park where he received his diploma and became a Doctor of Chiropractic. Outside of chiropractic Dr. Jonathan loves golfing, participating in rec league sports, and traveling.
Headshot of Dr. Jonathan Roling